Sep 17, 2007

Sunday cookies

As the kids were (and are) still feverish, we spent the whole Sunday inside. That means we had to find many different things to do.

For starters, the plans for our picnic moved into our living room. So down went the plaid towel and all the goodies we had for our lunch/picnic. Afterwards, a little story time while dad did the dishes, followed by some sewing on our project "sew your drawing" (later on that).

Late in the afternoon, while we had to wait for the bread dough to grow, we decided to try our hand on decadent chocolate chip cookies. Hmmm. Simply wonderful.

As F is alergic to chocolate, mama here separated a batch for plain ginger cookies, which were just as good.

At the end of the day, we had happy kids tuck in bed early as we older ones enjoyed a tribute to Audrey Hepburn on TV.

It couldn't have been better (we could spare the fever, of course)

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