Sep 15, 2007

25 facts about me

I usually use this as the second post, to introduce myself to my reader

1 - mother of three amazing people and married to a guy who is weird, to say the least
2 - translator, but when I was 12 I wanted to be a writer
3 - I would love to have lived in the 40's or in Victorian England (England at any time would do)
4 - basically I wear black and white (but for the last twelve months I have tried to bring some color into my wardrobe)
5 - to compensate that, my home is full of colors
6 - I believe kids and pets have a lot to teach
7 - I can't live without a dog (nowadays, Morgana, Weimaranner, 6 years old), but I can't stand cats
8 - I love the Celts and Arthurian legend (as well as Tolkien and Middle Age, long before Hollywood)
9 -I got it when I was 8 and read and reread it MANY times... Shakespeare in comic book (Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest) - I wanted to have a child with a Shakesperean name (the youngest was almost Miranda as in the Tempest)
10 - I LOVE to cook (no special cuisine), but I am not good in baking cakes. But as I believe that life works on a compensation basis, I bake bread to die for
11 - I have a VERY bad temper (maybe because I have migraines), but I swear I am always trying to improve
12 - no one believes me, but I love waking up early (in an excellent mood) and sleeping very late (too many things to be done)
13 - I spend too much time on the computer
14 - I WILL learn to sew, speak German and play an instrument
15 - Elephants can remember, as well as I. Go ahead and ask... 30/05/81,17/02/84, 16/04/89, 02/08/90, 23/07/93, 10/12/95? I know EXACTLY how each of these days went by
16 - I really like playmobil and I think Lego is boring (in a 'letting go" mood, I donated my entire Playmobil collection to my kids on June 15, 2006)
17 - I can't enter a bookstore and not buy a book
18 - at school, I loved History and Math, but hated Chemistry and Arts
19 - I love paper, deal with paper, the smell of paper
20 - I am not a big fan of the theater, but couldn't live without the movies
21 - I like comic books (Disney, Little Lulu, Astérix, Tin-Tin, Hagar, Calvin)
22 - when I was a kid I wanted to marry Obélix (as it didn't work out, my two younger kids are just like Calvin (not to say worse than Calvin), and he is 4 and she will be 3
23 - three sites I dream of visiting: Ireland, Cornwall, the Red Square
24 - a dream come true: visiting Stonehenge
25 - my iPod plays: Marillion, Crash Test Dummies, Ella Fitzgerald, Gershwin, Sisters of Mercy, Glenn Miller, Simple Minds and many more

And you, tell me at least 5 facts about you.

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