Sep 21, 2007

being single

I miss being single. At least I did for some time yesterday.
Small kids watched TV before going to bed, big kid was doing her thing (whatever that is) with her friends on MSN, and hubby was out having dinner with a partner.

I had some time for myself (which is VERY rare) and surfed on some of my favorite blogs. Checking Objetos de Desejo I found No-Sex-and-The-City. Reading her posts reminded me of how fun it was being single.

But at the time four small hands grasped me to watch my "favorite-TV-show-of-all-time", I realized that being single was truly fun, but my life now is much more fun.

And there we went to watch my "favorite-TV-show-of-all-time" (which, by the way, was Tom & Jerry)

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