Feb 18, 2009

Hey, you!

Yes, I am talking to you!

Stop waiting for the perfect time. Stop trying to find excuses. Stop foolling yourself. There'll never be a perfect time.

Make tomorrow, today.

Feb 11, 2009

swimming lessons

More than 20 years since I last attended a swimming lesson, I got back to the pool today.

Every single muscle of my body screams in pain (even the little ones I NEVER thought I had)...

I can't hardly wait for tomorrow to find out new muscles in pain...

We listened to lots of Lloyd Cole and had an amazing Lamb Burger for lunch. However I'm too tired to even go after the camera and post pictures.

Worst of all...back to work now (is this an appropriate time for an honest woman to work - 12:38 a.m.?)

Feb 9, 2009

not a cooking blog, but I'll try it

Again, I'll try to commit on keeping this place updated.

This is what happened around here today:


Couscous with smoked trout and green apple


pumpkin and green apple cream

tomato and anchovie salsa


Rumpletistekin (in Portuguese)

See you all tomorrow