Nov 28, 2008

Queen Sylvia of Sweden

I had my fifteen minutes to feel just like a queen. Queen Sylvia of Sweden, more precisely. Or maybe Mother Teresa, or all these people who dedicate their lives to care for others.

An area in the South of Brazil is suffering with floods and storms. Thousands of people lost everything, not to mention those who died. I had to do something.

In partnership with a neighbor who works for a company in that area, we planned a campaign to receive donations.

The response has been amazing, and we even got a small spot on the media.

Queen Sylvia must feel like this with her work at Childhood...


I am thankful for the fact that this semester is almost over.

Kids got sick all the time, and that is pretty tiring. F had scarlet fever twice, C had it once, F had a crisis of urticaria, followed by terrible soar throat... And now C's got the flu, soar throat again and all.

Not to mention the dog's operation and now an allergic crisis.

In the middle of all this, I still had to work, we decided to repurpose our home- office into a TV room, which required remodelling the studio (to include my portion of the home-office) - Pictures on a later date.

Everything is falling into place now.
And I am truly thankfull for that.

Nov 26, 2008

Xmas countdown

Our Xmas party is coming.
Dec 13 is right around the corner and there's still SO MUCH to do...

It's always stressful, but I love it.
And in the end, all ends well. Always. No matter what.

We're having about 60 people over this year. Lots of champagne, finger food, and good music.

Nov 7, 2008

in the kitchen

Things have been busy in our kitchen lately. Beet-bread, banana bread, strawberry and rhubarb jam, yoghurt are some of the things we prepared this week.
And now, as I prepare chicken stock, in a hint of a second I was brought back to my childhood days.
After setting the huge pan to start the ever-so-slow cooking process I came back to work on a huge project due this afternoon. Despite of throughly washing my hands in an attempt to get rid of the mixed scent of raw meat, onion, garlic, and everything, I sit on the computer and such a familiar smell hits my nose. And THAT is comforting. The childhood days spent near the stove at home, at grandma's farm, and all the kitchens held dear in my memory, come back in a flash.

What can be more comforting than knowing that your following such a familiar ritual? The setting would be perfect if only I had the time to bake a cake...

Nov 5, 2008

new addiction

I like this just as much as the original

Nov 4, 2008

no common sense

I studied in a very big traditional school which 100th anniversary will be held in 2011. As a start-up for the celebrations, there'll be a reunion on Nov 29. As I called in to confirm I would attend it, I heard that the invitation is for one person only, which means my husband could not attend. But, he studied in the same school. The problem is that he did not register as alumni. In an attempt to bring some common sense to these people, I said that if people are not allowed to take their dhs, dws, partners, whatever, there will be very few people going. I was told that they have to follow some criteria.

Thankfully, my kids attend a whole different school.

full bloom

On my way home nowadays I meet these beauties everyday.

In white...

and in blue...

Nov 3, 2008

xmas party here we go

Now we focus on planning our 'traditional' Christmas party.
We plan having around 75 people over this year.

There's LOTS to be done. Invitations, menu planning, decorating.

I'll keep you posted.

party favors

From this...

to this...

Kids loved them!
After an 'old-fashioned' party, no fuss, just plain play time with friends.

Oct 30, 2008

chick songs - baby's B-day

Today is C's birthday. 4!!!!

We no longer have babies in the house.

Things are getting ready for the get-together here on Saturday.

In the meantime, I give you this selection.

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

Oct 27, 2008

she's much better

The dog is getting well pretty fast. In fact, it seems as if she had no pain at all, and we had to send her back to the hotel to be taken care of because she just wanted to play around, jump up-and-down (which is not good considering she's all stitched up).

Way to go, Morgana!

Oct 24, 2008

and yet another (lighter) note

Please do check it out... I couldn't resist...

Another note

The dog has just undergone surgery. Things turned out just fine, and she's resting at the clinic. A really severe case of pyometra caused her to be castrated.

We'll get her back in about 10 days. Those who know me know I'm really not qualified to care for wounds and bandages.

spring has come

Oh, how I wish we had four seasons as we were supposed to. One at a time, throughout the twelve months of the year. This is not the case. For the last two weeks we had everything, from winter to summer, going through fall and spring, sometimes in one single day.

But Mother Nature knows best. And now we find clear signs of spring. Flowers are blooming all over the city. And best of all, agapanthus are coming to life all over. By far, my favorite flower.

This is the time that we can distract from the traffic admiring the colorful carpet that covers the neighborhood with its bright lilies in yellow, orange and red, iris in all shades of the pallet, and amazing huge red amaryllis (which I just found out are not amaryllis, but hippeastra). Unfortunately, sibipirunas have already lost their yellow stars (fairy dust for my kids when we walk to school).

I do hope the weather gets a little milder because the last two days were killing hot.

Oct 5, 2008

things are looking up

Time to attempt to go back on blogging.
Who knows what lies ahead?

Feb 7, 2008

funny how life goes

I should've learned by now that I really can't plan my life too much. It seems I'm living proof of John Lennon's "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" (though about tatooing it).

I was sure I'd be able to update my blog and fill everyone in with what I'v been up to tonight, but no. Life had other plans.

F. smashed his mouth against a piece of furniture and we had to hurry to the dentist with him with two teeth quite hurt. In the end, the dentist managed to put one tooth back to its place but had to take the other one off.

My little guy was the bravest! He never cried the whole time and kept on reminding the dentist that he needed his tooth back to give it to the Tooth Fairy. Not easy to lose a tooth before 5 yo, but will see the pediatric dentist tomorrow and discuss the need to use some kind of fake filler while his permanent tooth is not ready.

Anyway, as soon as he got home, he took his little toth to the window and asked for the Tooth Fairy "Hey, I am a good boy and I'd really like if you could bring me one thousand dollars so I could by myself a present".

First thing tomorrow, find him a new dinosaur! (his new addiction, for a new post)

Feb 5, 2008

busy, busy, busy

Quite a busy time these last few days. Many things to blog about, many pictures taken, and many, many on-going projects, but no time!

Later on today, I'1ll try to update as much as possible...

In the meantime, gotta get kids ready for Carnival.

see ya

Jan 21, 2008

Blue Monday

Just found out that according to a Welsh scientist, today is the saddest day of the year for British people.

Blame it on my deep passion/interest for such people, that's exactly how I feel today.

Lots of things to be done, so little time. And a summer day like this.

Can we say this is a summer sky?

But things easily got better. Thanks to New Order and their Blue Monday.

Jan 8, 2008

back to school

Home is going back into its regular routine with kids back in school.

For a couple of hours everyday, the house is silent. Or at least, without the never-ending playing/enjoying/having fun/fighting we face all the time during kids' school-off-days.

But we still sense they're presence 24X7. Like this.

Jan 6, 2008

walking in somebody else's shoes

When you have kids around, life seems to be a never-ending argument. They either argue with each other, or with you.

But in the middle of everything, there are always those moments when you wanted time to freeze so you could cherish them a little longer.

This is one of those. C's decided to be F, for a while. And said she'd be in his shoes to see how it felt.

Probably not that comfortable...


Funny how kids evolve. With three kids, so different from each other, we've been through so many different phases that one would think we'd better find a notebook to track things down.

This is C in her new phase: pretending to be a teenager.

Her new best friend: Coldplay

Jan 4, 2008

as per your request

Starting with self-portraits. This is F's:

the vacuum cleaner saga

I wanted to be an inventor. Magically solve all issues that afflict my trembling mind.

For starters, I'd create the perfectly silent vacuum cleaner. AFter eight years of faithful work, my old one decided to die on my hands (when I need it the most with my new WHITE kitchen floors).
After three days of research on the net, and visits to 4 different shops, I still questioned: would I rather have a silent thing or another withy incredible power?

Then it hit me, as I live on a very busy street, why would I need the silent one? To hear the phone while I'm vacuuming for instance.

Anyway, in the end, I finally got one that is not THAT loud (and purple)!

Jan 3, 2008

an hourglass glued to the table

Have you ever felt that life was just like that? An hourglass glued to the table? Of course that's a fact. But at the same time, can't we just rewrite things for a change?

This is my commitment for 2008. Rewrite everything that needs to be rewritten, change bad habits, adopt new ones (better ones, as well).

No one said that this is going to be easy, but whatever happens, I'll try. Honestly.

For starters, this is already a change. A new post.


Just a side note, Living in China is written by my sister, who's living in Shanghai since October 10.

Once is not enough

For those of you who were curious, we finally managed to end our renovation in kitchen/bathrooms on December 12. Since we are very optimistic people, we have scheduled a Christmas party here for about 50 people on December 15.

Yeah, you're right, that left us with three (I really mean, 3) short days to get everything done...

OK, I admit the final touches were on Dec 12, but the heavy (read DIRTY, VERY DIRTY) part ended on Dec 8. We even managed to get the Christmas tree up on Dec 9!

Anyway, I promise to include some pictures of our new home very soon.

new year's resolutions

It is that time of the year again when everything seems to be open, and things have a new chance to turn out successfully.

Resolutions include, of course, update this blog at least weekly (see how realistic I am, I was about to write daily).

Also, share more pictures and tips on amazing sites.

Considering that apart from one or two great things and some few people we had a chance to see late in the year, 2007 was not so good. I am sure 2008 will be absolutely GRAND!!!

See y'all