Sep 17, 2007

THE outfit

That's the real thing. Everyone should have THE outfit. when I say that, I mean that outfit which makes you feel wonderful, pretty, and powerful. It is what I call and outfit to conquer the world.

I am sure that all the great conquerors in this world had their "the outfit". Maybe it wasn't even an outfit per se. It can be anything, really. A dress, a jacket, a shoe, anything which makes you feel GREAT.

It took me 33 years to find THE outfit. And this is it. I can't remember anything wearable that made me feel so good. And it's funny that hubby doesn't think much of it. In fact he thinks its plain weird. But I feel as if I could beat anyone.

Better yet when we manage to engrave that sense and feeling and atmosphere in our minds and we do not need THE outfit to achieve all that.

That's it. Tell me of your outfit.

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