Sep 27, 2007


Here we are in the middle of a makeover in the laundry room and innocently I decided to look for a lanudromat nearby. What an illusion.

There are NO self-service laundry rooms in town! I figure that Brazilians are too "lazy" to say the least to do their laundry and then go home and iron it when we can pay someone to wash it and iron it, and delivery it to our door, paying by the kilo.

This means that in the end, I'll spend about R$ 100,00 for someone to do my laundry for this week. That is truly outrageous.

It seems that some of the big hits in the world will never have a chance here. It's just like Kentucky Fried Chicken (but then, Burger King seems to be going pretty well in his fight against McDonald's).

Sep 25, 2007


You can bet that when I write a book one of the characters will surely be named Alice. And not because I think much of this name.

First, this name is one of the few truly international names I can think of, I mean, it's the same writing in almost every language. It is also a timeless name, you find little girls named Alice and grandmothers named Alice.

And then, Alice in Winderland is one of my favorite child stories, where Alice is an amazing little girl, bold, brave, independent, not to say dreamy.

This is all to recommend to anyone "About Alice", by Calvin Trillin. One of the best love-stories I read this year. A pure love statement from a husband to his wife.

PS - Note that I said "when" and not "if" I write a book. Now that's progress.

Sep 23, 2007


This is the firtst time the kids will have to celebrate spring in a different way. There is no garden here to be honored, no plants to be planted, or cared for.

That is why we decided to bring spring into our home.

{Pictures will come in tomorrow}

Also, if you see a crazy-kinda-nut guy watering plants using a large green water can on the streets, or maybe talking to them, be aware that it's my dear hubby. That's his way to celebrate the most colorful of the stations.

Sep 21, 2007


May the first one who never played this game on a moment of boredom raise hands.

Why can't I see hands up?
Because everyone has already tried this one.

being single

I miss being single. At least I did for some time yesterday.
Small kids watched TV before going to bed, big kid was doing her thing (whatever that is) with her friends on MSN, and hubby was out having dinner with a partner.

I had some time for myself (which is VERY rare) and surfed on some of my favorite blogs. Checking Objetos de Desejo I found No-Sex-and-The-City. Reading her posts reminded me of how fun it was being single.

But at the time four small hands grasped me to watch my "favorite-TV-show-of-all-time", I realized that being single was truly fun, but my life now is much more fun.

And there we went to watch my "favorite-TV-show-of-all-time" (which, by the way, was Tom & Jerry)

Sep 19, 2007

the magic of motherhood

Here I was going back on a trip down Memory Lane watching U2, Bad, at the Live Aid in 1985 (Wow, Bono was so young!).

As I have been a bit on the nut side since I can remember, I have honestly tried to convince my dad to go
with me to London for the Live Aid. Come on, I was only 12! This is even younger then my eldest is today! Nut case.

But the funny thing was to look at my son's face watching the video and asking "Mama, am I going to that show?" And I told him that not to that one, but probably to many others to come. To which he replied "No way, mama. Not amongst all those people and all that noise".

What can I say, definitely not "like mother, like son"

Just do it

Billboards all around town ask me "What kind of runner are you?"

And I while I face this chaotic traffic (even at 7:00 am) I go wild on this one.

I am the kind of runner who never gives up, no matter how far the end line is or how close the others are. I am also the runner who knows that, no matter how hard it trains, it won't be the first one. But the fun of running is just that, running. No to mention that I am that runner who enjoys the scenery, and stops by to exploit every little corner of the track. Looking for the sublime in small things.

I invite you to think what kind of runner you are.

to be or not to be

The other day, I was told that things only happen to us when we let them. I agree with that and I've learned to live by the consequences of my wishes.

The major thing here is that there comes a time when we understand that just because we want them to happen we may not be ready to live by the consequences. And that is precisely the moment when you step back and try to put things into perspective (which is not that easy at 01:00 am - after a very looong double journey).

As Jim Kerr nicely puts "Life goes on". That's my new motto.

Sweet dreams everyone.

Sep 18, 2007

No chicken-pox

Thankfully, no chicken-pox in this house.
Only a really bad sore throat for the kids and an awful hoarseness for mama.

Lots of hot tea, honey, ginger, and lemongrass (excellent to control that not-so-high fever).
Am I entitled to have ALL the answers?

Give me a hand, and some answers...

Sep 17, 2007

Sunday cookies

As the kids were (and are) still feverish, we spent the whole Sunday inside. That means we had to find many different things to do.

For starters, the plans for our picnic moved into our living room. So down went the plaid towel and all the goodies we had for our lunch/picnic. Afterwards, a little story time while dad did the dishes, followed by some sewing on our project "sew your drawing" (later on that).

Late in the afternoon, while we had to wait for the bread dough to grow, we decided to try our hand on decadent chocolate chip cookies. Hmmm. Simply wonderful.

As F is alergic to chocolate, mama here separated a batch for plain ginger cookies, which were just as good.

At the end of the day, we had happy kids tuck in bed early as we older ones enjoyed a tribute to Audrey Hepburn on TV.

It couldn't have been better (we could spare the fever, of course)

THE outfit

That's the real thing. Everyone should have THE outfit. when I say that, I mean that outfit which makes you feel wonderful, pretty, and powerful. It is what I call and outfit to conquer the world.

I am sure that all the great conquerors in this world had their "the outfit". Maybe it wasn't even an outfit per se. It can be anything, really. A dress, a jacket, a shoe, anything which makes you feel GREAT.

It took me 33 years to find THE outfit. And this is it. I can't remember anything wearable that made me feel so good. And it's funny that hubby doesn't think much of it. In fact he thinks its plain weird. But I feel as if I could beat anyone.

Better yet when we manage to engrave that sense and feeling and atmosphere in our minds and we do not need THE outfit to achieve all that.

That's it. Tell me of your outfit.

Sep 16, 2007

feverish days

So that's how life goes on.
Today, my son woke up with a bit of a fever and much to our surprise the doctor suspects of chicken-pox. How great is that, huh? (Anyone who was ever around a four-year-old with chicken-pox knows what I'm talking about. And how about his sister?)

Anyway, I remember that when I had the chicken-pox (around 6 or 7) I tried my best to convince my mum that it was just like having the amygdalas removed, all you could eat was ice-cream.

Truly hope that if it turns out to be chicken pox indeed, that his 'wishes' are just as harmless.

Sunday is a promising day! I'll keep you posted.

How about your exeperiences with chicken-pox?

Sep 15, 2007

25 facts about me

I usually use this as the second post, to introduce myself to my reader

1 - mother of three amazing people and married to a guy who is weird, to say the least
2 - translator, but when I was 12 I wanted to be a writer
3 - I would love to have lived in the 40's or in Victorian England (England at any time would do)
4 - basically I wear black and white (but for the last twelve months I have tried to bring some color into my wardrobe)
5 - to compensate that, my home is full of colors
6 - I believe kids and pets have a lot to teach
7 - I can't live without a dog (nowadays, Morgana, Weimaranner, 6 years old), but I can't stand cats
8 - I love the Celts and Arthurian legend (as well as Tolkien and Middle Age, long before Hollywood)
9 -I got it when I was 8 and read and reread it MANY times... Shakespeare in comic book (Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest) - I wanted to have a child with a Shakesperean name (the youngest was almost Miranda as in the Tempest)
10 - I LOVE to cook (no special cuisine), but I am not good in baking cakes. But as I believe that life works on a compensation basis, I bake bread to die for
11 - I have a VERY bad temper (maybe because I have migraines), but I swear I am always trying to improve
12 - no one believes me, but I love waking up early (in an excellent mood) and sleeping very late (too many things to be done)
13 - I spend too much time on the computer
14 - I WILL learn to sew, speak German and play an instrument
15 - Elephants can remember, as well as I. Go ahead and ask... 30/05/81,17/02/84, 16/04/89, 02/08/90, 23/07/93, 10/12/95? I know EXACTLY how each of these days went by
16 - I really like playmobil and I think Lego is boring (in a 'letting go" mood, I donated my entire Playmobil collection to my kids on June 15, 2006)
17 - I can't enter a bookstore and not buy a book
18 - at school, I loved History and Math, but hated Chemistry and Arts
19 - I love paper, deal with paper, the smell of paper
20 - I am not a big fan of the theater, but couldn't live without the movies
21 - I like comic books (Disney, Little Lulu, Astérix, Tin-Tin, Hagar, Calvin)
22 - when I was a kid I wanted to marry Obélix (as it didn't work out, my two younger kids are just like Calvin (not to say worse than Calvin), and he is 4 and she will be 3
23 - three sites I dream of visiting: Ireland, Cornwall, the Red Square
24 - a dream come true: visiting Stonehenge
25 - my iPod plays: Marillion, Crash Test Dummies, Ella Fitzgerald, Gershwin, Sisters of Mercy, Glenn Miller, Simple Minds and many more

And you, tell me at least 5 facts about you.

yet another blog

This is the fourth one I keep.
After a while, I get tired of them/busy/whatever, and simply delete'em.

Considering that everytime I talk to myself I do it in English, it is no surprise that a time like this would come up, when I would try my hand on an English-written blog.

Let's see what happens next.