Feb 7, 2008

funny how life goes

I should've learned by now that I really can't plan my life too much. It seems I'm living proof of John Lennon's "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" (though about tatooing it).

I was sure I'd be able to update my blog and fill everyone in with what I'v been up to tonight, but no. Life had other plans.

F. smashed his mouth against a piece of furniture and we had to hurry to the dentist with him with two teeth quite hurt. In the end, the dentist managed to put one tooth back to its place but had to take the other one off.

My little guy was the bravest! He never cried the whole time and kept on reminding the dentist that he needed his tooth back to give it to the Tooth Fairy. Not easy to lose a tooth before 5 yo, but will see the pediatric dentist tomorrow and discuss the need to use some kind of fake filler while his permanent tooth is not ready.

Anyway, as soon as he got home, he took his little toth to the window and asked for the Tooth Fairy "Hey, I am a good boy and I'd really like if you could bring me one thousand dollars so I could by myself a present".

First thing tomorrow, find him a new dinosaur! (his new addiction, for a new post)


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Vivianne Pontes said...

Viver é muito perigoso. E acontece nos intervalos.