Nov 7, 2008

in the kitchen

Things have been busy in our kitchen lately. Beet-bread, banana bread, strawberry and rhubarb jam, yoghurt are some of the things we prepared this week.
And now, as I prepare chicken stock, in a hint of a second I was brought back to my childhood days.
After setting the huge pan to start the ever-so-slow cooking process I came back to work on a huge project due this afternoon. Despite of throughly washing my hands in an attempt to get rid of the mixed scent of raw meat, onion, garlic, and everything, I sit on the computer and such a familiar smell hits my nose. And THAT is comforting. The childhood days spent near the stove at home, at grandma's farm, and all the kitchens held dear in my memory, come back in a flash.

What can be more comforting than knowing that your following such a familiar ritual? The setting would be perfect if only I had the time to bake a cake...

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