Oct 4, 2007

3 degrees

While I walked the dog this morning I remembered reading somewhere that with the Internet, there is no longer six degrees of separation, but five.

As one thing lead to another, these are some brief considerations on this:

1 - since we used to live on the same street as a famous Brazilian actress and her famous rock star husband, we are only one degree away from many, many celebrities - not a big deal. The list could include all major Brazilian actors, actresses and musicians. But most importantly it brings me only three degrees away from Mark Ruffalo.

2 - since hubby has been working with model agencies for almost ten years now, we got to know many of the now-tremendously-famous models from the beginning of their carrers (Gisele included). Again, this brings me close to many, many international celebrities. And again, not more than three degrees away from Mark Ruffalo.

3 - since I have friends who work at that famous hotel which cannot be named, once again, no more than three degrees away from Mark Ruffalo.

After thinking for a while, I found out that:

1 - I'm definitely, only, 3 degrees away from Mark Ruffalo (and the President, and President Bush, and many others, for that matter)
2 - I'm most definitely starting to get obsessed about Ruffalo
3 - It is time to focus something else (while I wait for Blindness)

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